How To Build a Container Home Step By Step

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2000 sq ft Modular Shipping Container Home, East Hampton, New York

Floor plans About SG Blocks Project: Beach BoxDesign: Andrew Anderson and SG BlocksContainers: 6Area: 2000 square feetExterior deck area: 1300 square feetLocation: Amagansett Dunes, East Hampton, New York This modular container home is located about 600 feet from the…

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Modular Shipping Container Home in Mojave Desert, California

About Echo Tech Design About 44 West Construction Project: The Tim Palen Studio at Shadow MountainDesign: Walter Scott Perry, Echo Tech DesignContractor: Eric Engheben, 44 West ConstructionContainers: 6Location: Joshua Tree, California, USAYear: 2010Photography: Jack Parsons The modular shipping container…

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Decameron – Low Budget Colorful Shipping Container Store, Brazil

This ISO container building was designed and built of six ISO containers and existing double height hangar structure, taking advantage of the cubic volume and the linearity of the container spaces. Huge sliding polycarbonate doors connect the building…

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2500 sq ft Shipping Container Resort Home, Malaysia

Video Design: Anand BungalowsArea: 2,500 square footContainers: 6Year: 2010Location: Malaysia Photos: Ken Kwok This awesome Container Resort Home was designed and built by Anand Bungalows in Malaysia and the construction includes natural ventilation, rainwater harvesting, plus water and…

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Sustainable Modular Container House with Roof Terrace and Garden for Rooftop Organic Farming

6x20ft containers home Available for 42,500 USD + delivery cost Any customization is possible. Contact email: 1. Interview with Owner 2. Photos 3. Construction Process 4. Plans 5. Links Project Lettuce House, Sustainable Living LaboratoryArea 88.5 sqmContainers 6Location…

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4 Bedroom Shipping Container Modular House, New York

This four-bedroom, 1800 sf, shipping container modular house was completed in March 2019. Its a breakthrough project for MB Architecture and they hope it will provide a template for many future homeowners who may want to bypass the…

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