How To Build a Container Home Step By Step

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Coffs Harbour Jetty Container Café

The new Coffs harbour Jetty café is built from a 20FT new high cube container with external batons and eco deck on the exterior.Full marine upgrade to cope with sea spray from the jetty.Marine stainless internally with dual…

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The Orchard Cafe – London

Located within the arts community of Trinity Buoy Wharf, The Orchard Café was constructed to provide a restaurant for over 500 tenants and visitors . The space has a kitchen, service counter and an indoor and outdoor seating…

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Hakata Street Container Cafe

Building that can be installed in only 10 m2 for one parking lot, and it can also be used for building confirmation just by placing it. Hakata Street Container■ Period / November 6th (Friday) to December 4th (Friday)9…

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Transportable Shipping Container Bar, Berlin, Germany

This transportable transportation compartment bar was fabricated by Artdepartment Berlin based on the idea created by the Berlin office DREINULL. One 20 ft open side delivery compartment was utilized in this undertaking. The 20 ft open side compartment…

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Pall Mall Hostel – Event Container Building by Artdepartment Berlin – Germany

Pall Mall Hostel is no territory to rest; rather it is a space for having a fabulous time. Artdepartment Berlin in a joint effort with Fleck Promotion and Geometry Global organizations made idea of the Pall Mall Hostel….

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Starbucks Store in Taiwan From 29 Shipping Containers

Hot on the impact points of its extravagant achievement Milan store, Starbucks has opened one more striking and creatively structured café. Notwithstanding, Japanese engineer Kengo Kuma’s plan connects an altogether extraordinary mind-set with the organization’s espresso drinks. Starbucks…

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