How To Build a Container Home Step By Step

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Nashare Container Hotel – China

Today’s feature on The Casa Club is a hotel taking a different approach on container usage. The architects at C+ Architects and designers at Naza design studio, created the perfect getaway for those waiting to stay in luxury in the…

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Xiang Xiang Xiang Pray House Hotel – China

The Tonghe Shanzi Landscape Design Company has built their incredible five star Xiang Xiang Xiang Pray House hotel entirely out of shipping containers! Looking like a drab shipping container village from the outside, the hotel oozes luxurious design inside its…

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Upcycled Shipping Container House – China

This is totally something to be inspire with for all who like eco-friendly solutions and modern house designs. I know, you might say it is not so easy to get such a container to build your own Upcycled…

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WFH Container House – China

The WFH concept is a modular concept, based on a design principle, using 40 feet high cube standard modules as structural system. The structure can be adapted to local challenges such as climatic or earthquake issues. Online customization-tools…

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Organic Food Farm in Shanghai – China

Tony’s Farm is the largest organic food farm in Shanghai , which produces OFDC certified fruits and vegetables. But the building is intended to be more than a place for the production of vegetables. The vision is to integrate consumers and therefore promote…

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Alltique Art Villa Container Hotel – China

Hi everybody, Today we will show you the container hotel from China.Container Hacker explores all the container hotels in the world for your valuable readers and shares them for your ideas. Don’t forget to take a look at…

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