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Simple Shipping Container Home Built with 2×40 ft Containers and Elevated Roof

It is a place that invites you to live more simply, freely and lightly. Topic: Simple Shipping Container Home Built with 2×40 ft Containers and Elevated Roof

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$60,000 40 ft Shipping Container Home, Oklahoma

Shipping Container House Design with Minimalist Grit by Larry Lucas, AIA About Larry Lucas, AIA About Cisco Containers, L.L.C. About 360 Engineering Group, PLLC Architect Larry Lucas, AIA Shipping container modifications Cisco Containers, L.L.C. Structural engineer 360 Engineering…

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La Secundaria Valladolid – Modular Shipping Container School, Mexico

Diagrams Floor plans / Drawings About Boutique de Arquitectura Project La Secundaria Valladolid (Valladolid High School) Architects Boutique de Arquitectura Area 240 m² Year 2011 Location Mexico City, Mexico La Secundaria Valladolid – Modular Shipping Container School is…

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Casa RDP – Shipping Container Industrial Style House, Ecuador

Construction Process Models Floor plans / Drawings About Daniel Moreno Flores About Sebastian Calero Project Casa RDP Architects Sebastian Calero, Daniel Moreno Flores Area 251.75 m² Exterior Area 123.55 m² Containers seven 20-foot shipping containers and one 40-foot…

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Lago Vista 3 Bedroom Shipping Container Home, Texas

Location Project Villa de Shipping Containers Area 1,300 sq ft Year 2019 Location Lago Vista, Texas, USA Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 3.5 Price $622,500 Sold in July 2020 Description from Villa de Shipping Containers – 3 Bedroom Shipping…

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Hai d3 Shipping Container Development, Dubai, UAE

  Drawings / Floor plans / Sections About Dubai Design District (d3) About ibda design Project Hai d3 Architects ibda design Area 1877 m² Year 2015 Location Dubai, UAE Design Team Yuka Takeuchi, Sho Ikeya, Takeshi Harikai, Takuma…

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