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Boutique Hotel Built from Shipping Containers, China


Drawings/Floor plans

Project: Xiangxiangxiang Boutique Container Hotel
Architects: Tongheshanzhi Landscape Design Co
Containers: 35
Area: 5000 m²
Year: 2012
Location: Changzhi, China

Xiangxiangxiang Boutique Container Hotel is the first boutique hotel built from shipping containers in China. The hotel is located in the southwest of the Tianxia Duchenghuang tourist area and covers an area of ​​about 5000 square meters. The hotel was one of two projects designed for the third version of the China Praying Festival.

1. Incense concept: represents the thematic image and the service that distinguishes the hotel. On the one hand, the guest can feel the atmosphere of prayer in all the details of the boutique hotel built from shipping containers (as well as in the arrangement of the rooms and the interior decoration), and on the other, the hotel offers visitors the “incense experience” (themed scented meals; traditional rites, etc.)

2. Use of Containers: the hotel is made up of containers with ecological paint, reflecting the idea of ​​sustainable design.

3. The City: The boutique hotel built from shipping containers plan followed the traditional form of the popular house in Shanxi and designed a series of incense rite exercise spaces, such as “Xunxiangjing” and “Pinxiangtang” spaces, inspired by temples and cultural centers of ancient Chinese peoples.

All functional spaces are built using 35 containers of two standard sizes. Shipping containers are used for rooms, the lobby, the restaurant and patios. Interior design and Chinese-style furniture and incense-related themes characterize the ornament, creating a special experience for visitors.

The proposal is at the forefront in the area of ​​shipping container reuse. The factory-manufactured and on-site installation model and its eco-friendly paint have positioned it as one of the lowest-carbon buildings in China. The paint provides a better defense against corrosion and has less carbon use, releasing very few harmful gases into the environment. The hotel mixes tourism and industry, local culture and the standardization of the shipping container, characteristics that make it a unique hotel that seeks to promote the development of this new tourist area in Changzhi City.




















Drawings/Floor plans


Boutique Hotel Built from Shipping Containers, China

Topic: Boutique Hotel Built from Shipping Containers, China

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